Express Entry

Express Entry is a complicated system.  The following are links to IRCC and the BC PNP, but try to do some reading before completing this application.  Make sure you have your IELTS or CELPIP scores and your university credentials evaluated.  Canada universities do not need to be evaluated.

Graduates – Express Entry & Provincial Nominee

Step 1: Express Entry

Start by completing an Express Entry Profile. Your goal is to accumulate enough points (450 aprox), in order for the electronic system to automatically move you into another category. There are 3 categories CEC, FSW, FST. Applicants do not have the option of choosing what category they want; the system automatically decides for them. Some applicants can meet more than 1 category. After submission, It takes about 10 minutes for the system to send the applicant a letter confirming either MET or NOT MET.


Step 2: Canadian Experiance Class (CEC)

This tab will direct you to some more information on the Canadian Experience Class, but you don't actually fill out an application for this. You complete the Express Entry Portal and it will move you into this category. Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of the 3 categories. Remember, you have to qualify. How to Qualify: CEC is a time calculation. It does not calculate any hours you worked while you were on your study permit. Again, this is where most applicants make their mistakes. You CANNOT use ANY hours of work while you were working on your study permit. For example, if you have been working at the same job for 2 years: 1 year on a study permit & 1 year on Post Graduate Open Work Permit. It must indicate this on the Express Entry Form. It should indicate 2 different lines listing the same job, with the difference being study permit, and then work permit.


Step 3: Provincial Nominee (BC)

Set up a Provincial Nominee Account. The system will ask you for a confirmation. Once you are accepted into the Canadian Experience Class IRCC will issue you a confirmation letter.


Step 4: Employer Portal for Work Permit Extension

There are 2 kinds of work permits that applicants can access. 1) Bridge Open Work Permit or 2) Employer Specific Work Permit Depending on your situation you can access one of these. If you are obtaining an Employer Specific Work Permit Extension your employer must pay the $230.00 Compliance Fee and add your name to their Employer Portal.